• B
    • Bicycles

      Bicycle parking is located in the basement. Cyclist have the use of lockers and showers situated in the first foor.  

    • C
    • Catering services

      Catering services area available through Kanresta or directly through Varian booking system. CAtering can be ordered to negotiation rooms or company premises.


      Prices are found in the Varian system.

    • D
    • Deliveries

      Deliveries by van are made directly to the basement floor (max. height 2.4m) from where they can be delivered to the floor by elevator. The elevator can fit a euro pallet.  


      For deliveries made by vehicles larger than a van are made to the turning point in the northern end of Bertel Jungin aukio where the deliveries are to be taken inside through the main entrance.

    • F
    • Facility Management

      The Facility Manager of Alberga Business Park can be contacted on all aservices concerning the facilities. For contact information click here.  

    • P
    • Parking

      Tenant parking is only allowed in named parking spaces in the basement and yard area. A part of the parking places situated in front of the property are reserved for visitors.


    • Property information

      Alberga Business Park, Bertel Jungin aukio 3-9, 02600 Espoo, Finland


      Constructor: NCC Rakennus Oy

      Owner: Union Investment Real Estate GmbH

      Floor area: 10 015 m²

      Rentable area: 9421,5 m²

      Gross area: 12 847 m²

    • R
    • Reception services

      Reception services, situated in Alberga house A, serve from 8 am to 4 pm. The reception services are produced by Coor Service Management Oy. The reception services help customers in every day issues. The reception offers a vide variety of office services. In addition they take care of access control related issues. Contact information: tel. +358 10 234 3426, e-mail aula.alberga(at)

    • S
    • Social premises

      Social premises with lockers and showers are situated in the first floor if house A for the free use of cyclists and other tenants.

    • V
    • Visitors

      All visitors are to be registered in the reception where the reception personnel will instruct them to the right place or ask for a host to retrieve theie guests.